Friday, October 15, 2021

DIY Kids' Art Wall

 I think there are some pretty cute aspects to our home. There's the DIY toy bench mom and I made (and later recovered), the $5 "Canvas Prints," the whale mobile in Gummy Bear's room... Yet the feature that gets the most notice and compliments is the kids' "Art Wall."

The compliments must be nods to my kids' vast artistic talents, since the actual holder is as simple as it comes. To recreate it, all you need is:

  • Small Command Hooks
  • Picture Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Binder Clips

I got everything from Walmart (except the wire cutters, which I had on hand in our basic toolbox). The instructions? As straightforward as they seem: first, determine where you want your art wall. I slipped mine in the corner of our playroom over the craft table.

As you can see, I wanted mine four layers high, so I measured the "display" area to equally space my four rows and marked the spots for the hooks with a pencil. Following the directions on the command hooks, I attached them at my marked spots. (All it takes is unpeeling stickers, pressing the hooks in place for one minute, and then waiting an hour before hanging anything heavy. Easy-peasey.)

Then, I strung the picture wires from hook to hook as taut as I could, securing them by looping around the hook and then winding the end back along the wire. Once secure, I snipped the ends with wire cutters.

Next, I put several binder clips on each wire and voila! It was ready to hold art! So simple, so inexpensive, and so customizable! 

Mum has a version of this in her home, sometimes for the grandchildren's creations but also for her own watercolors. That sloth is to die for, mum...

Happy drawing/painting/crafting!

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