Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Primary Program Song Puzzle

I wasn't kidding when I told the children that being the Primary Chorister at church each week is the best calling. True, it adds to my overall stress, but I'm so lucky that gracious people surround me and are ever thanking me and kindly complimenting when things go well.

We're just a few weeks before the Primary Program, the singing/speaking showcase of sorts where the 3 to 11-year-old children get to share the songs and gospel truths they learned this year. I wanted some way of recognizing and "passing off" songs as they became "program ready." As always, I searched the internet, and somewhere I saw a picture of a "build a temple" puzzle idea that I loved. How perfect: simple, beautiful, and symbolic of making right choices (complementing our "Choose the Right" primary theme this year). Alas, the picture didn't link back to a working site, so I decided to build my own. By enlarging a template of the Salt Lake Temple found in the children's Friend magazine, I made a poster-board sized puzzle for both the younger and older kids in primary. I just printed it off at home on cardstock and cut along the dotted lines. What could be easier? Here's a picture clandestinely snapped in bad lighting behind the piano during "Sharing Time."

It's a nice visual to see how much we've accomplished and how more we have to learn in the next month. Here's a blank copy  of the puzzle or the version with the 2017 songs. Best of luck, all ye choristers and primary children!

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