Saturday, August 26, 2017

Curio Cabinet (size small) Redo

My parents, especially my father, I think, had wanderlust. And, fortunately for their children, they took us along on their adventures. One of my favorite things is a simple wooden curio box that I bought years ago to house some of the tiny treasures that I found or was given during those journeys. Family and friends have added to my collection of "tinys" over the years:

Each little cubbie holds a treasure, and each treasure has a story. So when one of my granddaughters needed a place for her special things (out of reach of her darling but destructive little sister), I started the search for a curio cabinet for her.

The one I found--for a dollar at a resale shop--looks very different than mine, but I liked its classic style and the fact that it has doors to keep out the dust (and little fingers):

I carefully took out the glass, removed the doors and all the hardware, and gave it a couple of coats of white satin spray paint to match the blue and white decor of her bedroom:

A new generation of treasures has a home.

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