Thursday, January 19, 2017

Build a Double X Bench

Not long before Christmas, I had an itch to pull out my saw and build something. Crazy timing, I know. But I had a project in mind that I hoped would make a nice gift for Elin and her family, and I knew that I would have an opportunity to deliver it when her baby was born.

Her home has a long, sheltered entryway that seemed to be crying out for a bench. So I went to my favorite diy wood project site, and found this one:

I have built items from this site before and have been impressed by the fact that the instructions are clear and easy to follow. This was no exception.

So a quick trip to the hardware store later (thank you, honey), I set to work. Here are all the pieces cut and ready to assemble:

I won't reproduce the instructions here, but you can find them at the following link if you are interested in building one yourself:

Because I knew that it would sit in a protected outdoor area, I felt like I could use chalk paint. I did apply two coats of wax for added protection, however. And, knowing that it would weather on it's own, I chose not to distress it:

Can't wait to sit here with you soon, Elin!

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