Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Simple Organizational Tool- Part 2 (The Kid Version)

Well, I kind of cheated on this post because I basically modified this previous post from my mom and made it kid-friendly. I am probably the biggest list-maker in the universe. I make lists all the time. It keeps me sane. But then all of the little odds and ends pieces of paper, sticky notes, napkins, envelopes, that I find around the house with lists on them start to drive me insane again.

So I finally decided to make list like my mom's-- one that I could tailor to my own needs and daily work. One that I could wipe clean and change up as I needed. As I was purchasing an 8x10 picture frame to make my list, I decided to make one for my 3-year old as well. She likes to be involved with the things that I am doing; so I thought she would like to have a list of her own.

Here's what I did:

I bought the 2 cheapest yet decent-looking 8x10 frames that Target had on their shelves.

I then purchased a pack of new, dry-erase markers (that include a pink marker--a must for my little girl).

Then, I typed out a list of what my little girl's day looks like and added some hearts and images that would help her know what the words said. 

As you can see, she had a blast drawing pictures:

Then I found some fun interactive coloring pages on crayola.com that I could put in the frame during her quiet time. That way, she can color pictures and do activities in an "erasable" way. Essentially, the 8x10 frame has become a dry-erase activity center for my 3-year old.

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