Monday, January 12, 2015

Just a Simple Organizational Tool. . . .

In a way, I feel silly blogging about this; it's such a simple thing. But it has also made such a big difference for me.

We were blessed to have my parents live with us for the last several years of their lives. As they became more frail and their care became more complicated, we realized that we needed a way to keep track of their daily needs--medications, meals, hydration, etc. Delys and her family were living with/near us during much of that time, and we had other help as well, and it was difficult to know who had done what when. So Delys created and printed a simple document on the computer that allowed us to keep a daily log. She went to Walmart and purchased an inexpensive plastic 8 x 10 frame with glass and a dry erase marker. She inserted the document under the glass and--voila!--we had an easy way to make sure that all the caregivers knew exactly what had been done. At the end of each day, we erased it all and began again the next morning. As the needs changed, we simply modified the document.

At some point, I realized the magical potential of the system and created one for myself--not to keep track of medications or meals, but to help me work on the everyday things that needed to happen in my life (but didn't always seem to). I have been using it for more than three years, and it has helped me organize and prioritize.

My document has a line at the top for the goal I am currently working on. Down the left side is a chore list which divides my weekly household tasks into six easy segments; if I stick to it, I basically feel that I am getting the house (somewhat) clean each week. Underneath is a list of daily things I hope to accomplish.

On the right side I left room to write in a to-do list of the random things that come up on any given day and other things that might be coming up later in the week. I keep the frame and marker on a counter that I pass frequently throughout the day and cross items off as I get them done.

Like I said, nothing extraordinary--just very helpful for me.

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  1. I saw this when we were staying with you this summer and totally copied it. It's such a great idea!