Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY Nursery

It's official! As of Sunday, I became 37 weeks pregnant, which means that little Sour Patch is officially full-term! Hooray! Since I have the good luck to still have energy while the size of an orca, I'm trying to convince myself to keep "nesting" until the end and finish the less desirables on my "To-Do Before the Baby Comes" list. Pack hospital bag? Check. Pediatrician? Found. Taxes? Eh, mostly done but requiring a look-over from my thorough husband, lest I inadvertently get us in trouble with the IRS...

Yet one thing I've finally accepted will not be "done" and crossed off the list before my baby shows up is the nursery. I think I'm going to have the itch to keep adding to and beautifying this dwelling spot in the months to come. Nonetheless, it's pretty cute as is, and I want to document it in its relatively clean glory before baby bedlam ensues. So without further ado, I present...

Laurel's DIY Nursery

We begin, with the DIY Nursery Glider, courtesy of Free Stuff on Craigslist and my mother's mad sewing skills...

Followed by the DIY photoboard, courtesy of an old cork board, leftover fabric, and Walmart ribbon...

Next, we have our DIY Faux Storage Cubes Shelves

Here's the thing: those actual cube shelves of similar size cost $40ish at Target, and the fabric cubes are $6 a pop. Multiply that 9 times and add in tax? That's well over $100, which is fine except for the fact that I don't want to spend that much. Instead, we re-purposed the $20 Walmart bookcase we already owned and used $2 cubes from Big Lots. Then, mama sewed matching cube-covers with leftover nursery fabric and voila! Super cute storage.

Though I wanted to use a dresser for a changing table, I also didn't want to rent a truck to haul it around. So, I decided to put out a "Wanted" request on Freecycle for just the regular kind. A wonderful neighbor offered me hers, and one coat of non-VOC paint from Walmart later, it was good as new! (Oh, and by the way, a classic changing table doesn't fit inside my car either... whoops. Thanks Marie and Landes for helping me pick it up!)

And then there's all the DIY sewing! My one contribution (of which I am immensely proud) is the changing pad cover! I slightly modified this tutorial to make it, and I feel pretty victorious about it.

My mother sewed the crib skirt, pillow, and curtain... all without a pattern, because she's just that good.

And my mother-in-law got me this cute tissue box cover! It's the little things that make me happy...

So there's still some work to be done. I want something cute to hang above my crib and should probably find some bins for my changing table shelves. Yet overall, I'm immensely happy with my little nursery and am ready for D-Day!


  1. So precious!! It turned out great. That is one lucky little boy :)

  2. I'm so excited for you Laurel, you've done beautifully with the nursery. But, do explain the Cuckoo clock?! Cute? Yes. But certainly your baby is not going to have to endure the hourly cuckoo's, am I right? AND... wherever did you find it? We love them so much! We found one in Germany and have it boxed up to take home with us. Best wishes in these eventful coming weeks/months!

  3. Thanks Rebecca and Julie! Ha, Dawn was just as concerned about the clock waking my child:) Mom got it for me after our trip to Germany... from the mall. So yes, it's kind of a memento of our Europe trip that was in fact purchased in the States. It also has an "off" switch, or else I would never dare put it up. Right now, it just measures time and looks pretty without the chimes or cuckooing.