Elin and her wonderful husband live in Texas with a buncha kids. She holds the high distinctions of being the only one of us with any natural athletic ability and the only brunette. Constantly creative, Elin has the gifts of making really great crafts, baking really delicious goods, and playing really hard songs on the piano. She’s also a bit of a writer and an old movie fanatic.

Laurel and her handsome husband are back in the beautiful rockies of Utah. She’s a registered nurse, but right now is at home with her little boys. She loves looking up new and delicious recipes (and sporadically she actually makes one of them.) Like the rest of her family, she loves music, and Laurel is really gifted at faking her way through playing the piano and almost getting her brassy voice to blend with the angelic tones of her sisters and mother. She’s also wicked fast at playing card games.

The mother of us all, Marilyn lives in the great state of Texas. Her husband is a chemical engineer, and she stayed at home raising her six kids. She is still trying to figure out this "empty nest" phase of life, but she loves being "Nana" to her grandchildren and tries to keep busy with sewing, music, writing and volunteering. (We hear she does Barbra Streisand impersonations, but she usually keeps that gift to herself.)

Basically, we started blogging to help us stay in touch with each other and encourage each other to be creative. This message from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf is an impetus for us each time we start a new project:

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